The Local Bar and Pub in the Sutherland Shire

Taren Point Bowling Club has an array of excellent meals and exquisite drinks, a great choice for a local bar and pub in the Sutherland Shire.

by Taren Point Bowling Club

Taren Point Bowling Club, the top local pub and bar in the Sutherland Shire, provides more than just excellent bowling greens. It is a community bar and pub that is ideal for anyone seeking to unwind with friends or family.

Our club provides a vast array of facilities and services to meet the requirements of every customer. Our club has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a casual night out or a special occasion.

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As one of the best bars and pubs in the area, we take great pleasure in providing a friendly, laid-back atmosphere that’s great for mingling. Our staff of skilled bartenders are always prepared to serve your preferred beverages, including traditional cocktails and craft beers such as those from Stone and Wood and 4 Pines.

The Taren Point Bowling Club is the best choice if you’re looking for a neighbourhood pub that offers cheap drinks. We offer a variety of affordable beverages, including happy hour specials and monthly discounts. This makes it straightforward for you to enjoy yourself while staying within your means.

The Bistro at The Point

The Bistro at The Point has a fantastic menu that includes everything from classic pub meals like burgers and fries to fancier options like fresh seafood and grilled meats. Whether they want a quick snack or a full meal, everyone can find something on our selection.

Our club also has a private function space that can be reserved for special events for those seeking a more intimate setting. Our function room is the ideal option whether you’re organising a birthday party, business event, or family gathering.

Pub and Bar for the Community

At Taren Point Bowling Club, we recognise the value of fostering a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of community. Because of this, we provide a variety of events and programmes throughout the year to suit the interests of everyone.

Whether you frequent our club frequently or this is your first time, our staff is dedicated to giving you a memorable experience. Every time you stay with us, whether it’s because of our welcoming staff or our first-rate amenities, we work hard to make sure you have a wonderful time.

Our dedication to providing a variety of events and activities all through the year is one of the things that sets Taren Point Bowling Club apart from other clubs and pubs in the Sutherland Shire. A excellent bar or pub, in our opinion, serves as more than just a venue for consuming alcohol; it serves as a centre for social interaction within the neighbourhood.

Because of this, we provide a variety of events and activities, from live music and trivia evenings to charity events and sports screenings, that appeal to everyone’s interests. Our regular events are a great way to make new friends, appreciate time with old ones, and spend an enjoyable evening out in a laid-back and welcoming environment.

Live Music in Sutherland Shire

Our Friday night live music performances are one of our most well-attended occasions. We feature some of the top local bands and performers every Friday for our Friday Entertainment event, playing music ranging from jazz and country to rock and blues. It’s a fantastic chance to start your weekend off right with enjoyable music, affordable beverages, and a friendly crowd.

Our weekly trivia events are not to be missed if you enjoy a nice trivia night. Our trivia nights, which are held every Tuesday night, are a wonderful way to test your general knowledge while competing for fantastic prizes. It’s a fun way to socialise with pals and discover new people who enjoy trivia.

You’ll enjoy our sports shows if you’re a sports fan. The excitement of the game can be shared with other fans in a lively and enjoyable environment because we broadcast all the major games and matches on our big screen Televisions. It’s a fantastic method to meet other sports fans and support your preferred teams.

Fundraising Events in the Sutherland Shire

Our dedication to supporting the neighbourhood distinguishes us from other bars and pubs in the region. Supporting neighbourhood nonprofits and organisations that improve the lives of others is crucial in our opinion.

That’s why we host a range of charity events throughout the year, raising funds and awareness for local causes that matter. From charity auctions and raffles to special events and fundraisers, we’re committed to making a positive impact on the community.

The Best Bar in the Sutherland Shire!

At Taren Point Bowling Club, we’re also committed to providing a safe and responsible drinking environment. We understand the importance of responsible service of alcohol, and we take our responsibilities seriously. Our team of professional bartenders is trained to serve drinks responsibly, and we always encourage our patrons to drink in moderation.

Along with our dedication to providing ethical service, we also provide a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and low-alcohol choices. We have drinks for everyone, whether you’re the designated driver or just want something cool that won’t make you feel too buzzed.

Lastly, we’d like to briefly discuss our dedication to sustainability. We think it’s crucial to take action to safeguard the environment and lessen our carbon impact. We’ve adopted a variety of sustainable practises as a result, such as recycling, mulching, using eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and using energy-efficient lighting.

We procure as much of our ingredients and produce from regional suppliers and farmers in order to assist them. By patronising neighbourhood businesses, we not only lessen our carbon impact but also strengthen the local economy and the neighbourhood.

Taren Point Bowling Club is much more than just a club; it’s also a community hub dedicated to offering a warm and welcoming environment, reasonable drinks, and a variety of events and activities that appeal to everyone’s interests. We have everything you’re searching for, including live music, trivia nights, sports events, and charity activities.

The Local Bar and Pub in the Sutherland Shire