Change to Covid-19 Restrictions

Whilst we are extremely excited restrictions continue to be lifted. The Point continues to abide by Government restrictions to ensure the health and safety of our members, guests and staff. Some of the measures which continue to be in place to ensure a safe environment include strict hygiene procedures, room capacities, conditions of entry, COVID marshals and patron flow throughout the club.


  • Stop the spread – If you are feeling unwell or sick please stay at home
  • Wash/Sanitize your hands upon entry
  • ALL Members, Guests, Staff and Contractors MUST SIGN IN on NSW Health website via the QR provided
  • Please follow Staff instructions and directions
  • Only Staff are to re arrange tables and chairs
  • Limit your movement and interactions with others whilst at the club
  • We recommend you to download the COVIDsafe APP

Finally, for the health and safety of everyone please remain at home if you are feeling unwell. Thank you for the ongoing support and goodwill you have shown the club during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tim Wolfe

General Manager