Community Matters Donation Program

For the month of August make a difference by participating in our Community Matters Donation Program

by Taren Point Bowling Club

Make a Difference with Our Community Matters Donation Program!

Join us in creating a positive impact on our community by helping us choose who to donate to through our Community Matters Donation Program. Every token you place in our donation jars plays a crucial role in supporting local initiatives that address pressing needs and uplift the lives of those in need.

With a wide range of causes, from education, mental health and medical research our program empowers you to choose the area closest to your heart.

How it works:

  1. Visit Taren Point Bowling Club
  2. Get a token when you spend with us
  3. Place your token in the jar of your choice & we’ll do the donating! Winner receives $1,000 & the others will receive $500 each!

This month there is a focus on Cronulla Public School Autism Support Unit, Gotcha4Life building mental fitness in the community and Robert Conner Dawes Foundation supporting paediatric brain cancer research.

Community Matters Donation Program